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We're Separating!

S. Jones Books and Education is growing and breaking into two sectors! Since 2013, we have provided a multitude of niche services including program design, development, and implementation, professional consulting, grants consulting and writing, professional development workshops, book publishing, and so much more! From this, we have birthed Sade Freja Global Consulting. We will be directing all grants consulting clients to our new division soon and will announce when the website is ready for your review! In the meantime, we encourage you to get used to the name change :) Thank you so much for your support over the years.

S. Jones Books and Education (SJBE) is a wraparound Business to Business service provider, specializing in grant writing, grants, and strategy consulting. SJBE stands as a stalwart partner in driving transformative growth for socially and economically disadvantaged small businesses and non-profit organizations. Founded in 2013, SJBE has established itself as a beacon of support, offering a comprehensive suite of services including grant writing, strategy consulting, internal operating systems design, program design, program development, and facilitation of business interactions with educational institutions.


Our Mission: Our mission is grounded in uplifting enterprises that often find themselves underserved in the competitive landscape. We believe in the power of tailored solutions and strategic guidance to bridge the gaps that exist between BIPOC organizations and majority organizations. Our partner organizations face many barriers to gaining access to resources that are often systematically withheld from minority organizations due to limited resources to hire expert consultants who can guide them through complicated barriers to access.


Ironically, the very resources that are reserved to support underserved programs are disproportionately reserved for organizations that have resources. This is an interesting cyclical barrier that is rarely addressed; yet, SJBE has been a pioneer in and has worked diligently to eliminate these barriers by providing professional, expert services at 25-50% less than standard industry rates. This approach reduces the negative impact of these barriers and makes professional support services accessible. Our organization has helped to enable these organizations to thrive and create lasting impact within their communities.


Distinctive Approach: What sets SJBE apart is our unwavering commitment to providing premium-quality services at a fraction of standard industry rates. Recognizing the financial constraints faced by our target clients, we have developed pricing schedules that are 25-50% lower than prevailing market rates. This accessibility ensures that even those unable to access expert services can benefit from strategic support that is tailored to their unique needs.


Comprehensive Services: Our expertise spans a wide spectrum, from meticulously crafted grant proposals that secure vital funding to designing intricate internal operating systems that enhance organizational efficiency and sustainability. We specialize in guiding our clients through the complex realm of educational institutions, fostering collaborations and synergies that fuel growth.


Strategic Scaling: One of our core tenets is to meet our clients where they are in their journey. With an acute understanding of the challenges these organizations face, we provide bespoke strategies that empower them to scale intelligently. By aligning their ambitions with actionable plans, we enable them to navigate obstacles and seize opportunities effectively.


Client-Centered Approach: At SJBE, our philosophy is rooted in partnership. We approach each engagement with a deep respect for our clients' unique circumstances and aspirations. Our strategies are collaborative, ensuring that the solutions we co-create resonate with their vision and goals.


Impact and Sustainability: Over the years, SJBE's strategic interventions have driven tangible results. We have witnessed businesses and non-profits not only survive but thrive, creating sustainable models that positively influence their communities and stakeholders.


S. Jones Books and Education is more than a consultancy; we are a catalyst for positive change. Our dedication to providing exceptional services, fostering strategic growth, and advancing social impact positions us as a dependable ally for those striving to make a difference. We invite you to explore the possibilities of partnership with SJBE, where success is redefined, and progress is measured not just in profit, but in purpose.

S. Jones Books and Education!

Services We Offer
Grants and Strategy Consulting
Internal Operating Systems Design
Grant Compliance
Grant Writing
Program/Instructional Design and Development
Time Management and Executive Coaching
Workshops and Professional Development Training


"S. Jones Books and Education helped expand our company's vision, outreach, and development. They made the process easy. I was able to trust that I could kick my feet up and relax knowing that they had everything under control. S. Jones Books and Education really took the lead in our project. S. Jones Books and Education helped us earn our first grant, over half a million dollars!"



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