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Service Offerings

Our mission is grounded in uplifting enterprises that often find themselves underserved in the competitive landscape. We believe in the power of tailored solutions and strategic guidance to bridge the gaps that exist between BIPOC organizations and majority organizations. Our partner organizations face many barriers to gaining access to resources that are often systematically withheld from minority organizations due to limited resources to hire expert consultants who can guide them through complicated barriers to access.

S. Jones Books and Education (SJBE) offers a range of services designed to empower small businesses and non-profit organizations in various areas. These services include:


Grant strategy consulting

Grant strategy consulting ensures that organizations have a well-defined roadmap for securing funding that aligns with their mission, maximizes their chances of success, and supports their long-term sustainability and growth. S. Jones Books and Education (SJBE) involves this specialized advisory service designed to help organizations develop a cohesive and effective approach to securing grant funding. This service goes beyond the act of writing grant proposals; it encompasses a strategic, long-term perspective.

SJBE collaborates closely with clients to:

  • Identify Funding Opportunities: Research and identify grants and funding sources that align with the organization's mission and objectives.

  • Strategic Planning: Develop a clear and tailored strategy for pursuing grants, including setting priorities, timelines, and resource allocation.

  • Proposal Crafting: Create compelling and targeted grant proposals that align with funders' objectives and effectively communicate the organization's impact.

  • Relationship Building: Assist in building relationships with potential funders, including foundations, government agencies, and philanthropic organizations.

  • Grant Portfolio Management: Help organizations manage their grant portfolio, ensuring compliance, reporting, and continued funding success.

  • Capacity Building: Equip organizations with the skills and knowledge needed to independently pursue and secure grant opportunities.

Strategic Consulting: SJBE helps organizations develop clear and actionable strategic plans to achieve their mission and objectives. This includes needs assessment, goal setting, strategy development, and implementation support.


Grant Writing: SJBE assists clients in securing grant funding by crafting compelling grant proposals. This service includes grant research, proposal writing, and application submission.


Program Design and Development: SJBE works with organizations to design and develop effective programs, curriculum, and educational materials. This includes program planning, content creation, and evaluation.


Internal Operating Systems Design: SJBE helps streamline internal processes and systems to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. This can involve organizational restructuring, workflow improvements, and resource allocation.


Business Consulting: SJBE offers business consulting services to small businesses and non-profits, helping them with various aspects of management, operations, and growth strategy.


Leadership and Team Development: SJBE provides coaching and training to leaders and teams to enhance leadership skills, team dynamics, and organizational culture.


Workshops and Training: SJBE conducts workshops and training sessions on a variety of topics, including leadership, grant writing, program development, and more.


Stakeholder Engagement: SJBE assists organizations in building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders, including schools, educational institutions, and community partners.

Strategic Partnerships: SJBE helps organizations identify and cultivate strategic partnerships that can enhance their impact and reach.


Personal and Professional Development Coaching: SJBE provides coaching services to individuals seeking personal and professional growth, including goal setting, motivation, and skill development.


These services are tailored to the unique needs of each client, with a focus on helping them achieve their goals, enhance their impact, and navigate the challenges they face. SJBE's commitment to serving socially and economically disadvantaged organizations is a central theme throughout its service offerings.

To schedule a consultation or for a full listing of our workshops and to request a fee schedule, please contact:


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