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Service Offerings



S.Jones Books and Education is a multifaceted, wrap around educational development service provider. For over eight years, we have provided individualized, niche services to small businesses and non-profit organizations. Operating with the awareness that small businesses often have limited budgets but exponential, professional needs, S. Jones Books and Education creates payment structures that accommodate our clients’ unique pecuniary and operational goals. We take pride in working in, with, and for communities we most lovingly serve.

Small Business/Non-Profit Interim Contract Management, Transition, and Quality Assurance

S.Jones Books and Education works with clients during beginning or transitional periods. We assist newly formed organizations in developing quality programming, systems, and capacity; as well as learning protocol for managing and reporting with grants and government contracts to ensure compliancy. 

S. Jones Books and Education also works with transitioning organizations to ensure an effective and seamless transition, reviewing internal, organizational systems to maximize efficiency. We collaborate with all primary stakeholders to strategically design, develop, implement, and evaluate new, more effective systems.

We offer:

  • Internal Systems evaluation

  • Strategic Planning

  • Strategic Implementation

  • Data collection and management

  • Outcomes tracking

  • Agency reporting

Technical Writing and Editing Services

S.Jones Books and Education provides writing services such as grant writing, organizational descriptions and technical information, including rewriting fully developed proposals, developing and writing new proposals, Requests for Proposals (RFP), Requests for Applications (RFA), Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA), press releases, organizational promotional materials such as brochures and pamphlets, and proofreading and editing of current proposals.

Program Development/Business Consulting: Doing Business with Learning Institutions and Government Entities

S.Jones Books and Education works with organizations to fully enhance and develop educational programming based on the unique needs of their students and to market programming to schools or government entities. We expound upon current systems by developing goals, objectives, and strategic positioning and implementation strategies; identifying the needs of target clientele; identifying unique selling points (USP); enhancing outreach and engagement initiatives; assessing and developing organizational structures and needs; developing tools to assess and measure progress; and developing an action agenda for success. This service may include:

  • Positioning Strategy

  • Impact Strategy

  • Implementation Strategy

  • Pricing Construction

  • Detailed Report/1-Page Business Plan

  • Streamlining programming

  • Booklet of Contacts

Executive Consulting

S. Jones Books and Education works with the executive team to enhance the quality of organizational performance. Collaborating with the lead contact, S. Jones Books and Education supports the organization in identifying operational objectives, needs, and goals, and strategizes to develop active agendas that position the company for long term success. The consulting relationship is solutions oriented, contractual, and project based.

This package includes:

  • Strategic analysis

  • Strategic planning

  • Strategic Implementation Planning and Report

  • SJBE 4 Quadrants of Performance Success: Goal Development and Tracking System

  • Research and data collection

  • In-depth client/consultant communication and support


Executive Coaching

S. Jones Books and Education works with the acting executive officer to develop the interpersonal skills, objectives, goals, and intentions to enhance company wide performance. The coaching relationship is person-centered and supports the executive leader in clarifying his or her strategies, values, vision, and interpersonal dynamics to impact the growth of the company. The coaching relationship is contractual and based on the unique needs of the executive.


This package includes:

  • Weekly coaching calls

  • Weekly email check-ins

  • SJBE 4 Quadrant of Performance Success: Goal Development and Tracking System


Curriculum Design/Development

S. Jones Books and Education works with established and growing organizations to develop current curricula or to design curricula relevant to desired subject area(s). Our subject areas range in content for traditional k-12 learning, higher education, and supplemental enrichment offerings.

Educational, Personal and Professional Development Workshops


S.Jones Books and Education offers a variety of educational, professional, and personal development workshops for both youth and adults. Our programs can be purchased as workshops (with staffing included) or as curricula to be offered independently of S. Jones Books and Education.


For more information regarding our services or for a full listing of our workshops and fee schedules, please contact:


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