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Sharday Jones, M.A.Ed.

Educational Program Developer, Founder

Sharday Jones, M.A.Ed., a native of Tallahassee, FL and graduate of Florida A&M University, is the founder of S. Jones Books and Education. Since 2010, Jones has worked as a consultant to non-profit organizations and small businesses to support the development of holistic enrichment programs.

In 2009, Jones wrote the book, Extra Baggage, to encourage dialogue and action regarding the state of commercialized rap music and the culture's negative impact on urban communities (more about the book can be found on this the BOOKS page).

Operating in her highest self, Jones seeks to help restore a sense of integrity, love, accountability, community, and tradition within the development of youths' positive life forces by working with organizations who facilitate the same mission. Jones takes a holistic approach to developing educational programs and workshops. With a bachelor's of science degree in psychology, and a master's in education, Jones fuses research and experience into her mission to greater serve the communities she is a part of.

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