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Extra Baggage

Extra Baggage is now more relevant than ever! An intellectual fiction, Extra Baggage follows the lives of magazine editor, Freja Johnson, and media mogul, Sean Dillard, as they partner to explore the psychological, genocidal impact of commercialized rap music on the African American community. 

As they collaborate to understand this impact, they begin to see each other in a new light, desiring to know each other more personally; however, they are both engaged to other people. Go with them as they delve into the psycho-socio- emotional journey of the hypnotic effects of commercialized rap music and find themselves entangled in each others' grips.


This book is alluring, engaging, enchanting, arousing, and makes one think about the subconscious programming impact through the consumption of music and media! Deep and insightful, it's definitely a page turner.

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