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Extra Baggage

Now, in 2020, this book is more relevant than ever! Extra Baggage is an intellectual fiction, following the lives of magazine editor, Freja Johnson, and media mogul, Sean Dillard, as they journey to explore the psychological, genocidal impact of commercialized rap music on the African American community. 

As they work together to understand this impact, they begin to see each other in a new light, desiring to know each other more personally; however, they are both engaged to other people.


This book is alluring, engaging, enchanting, but it also makes you think about the media you consume. Deep and insightful, it's definitely a page turner.

Family Legacy

S. Jones Books and Education wants you to tell YOUR story! 

Lately, we've seen many headlines about the tearful reaction to celebrities learning about their family history through DNA analysis. What if we didn't leave it to DNA analysis to tell our stories? What if we shared our own stories and created our own legacies before we reach our resting place?

Let us do just that! S. Jones Books and Education wants to tell your story by working with you to create a book for your family. Our authors work with you to construct a book that connects the dots for generations to come! Call or submit an inquiry to discuss the how:



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