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Faith over Fear: How to Manifest Success

There’s a certain magic to exceptionality. We imagine there to be a specific formula to success. We believe so many concepts about making money and having it, and we get wrapped into a warped reality of how we are supposed to go about living a life, not even necessarily a successful life, but living a standard life. When we look around, the standard life is actually a really miserable, purposeless life.

Our concept of life is oxymoronic. My friend and artist, Rohaun, reminded me that as children, everyone tells us, “you can be whatever you want to be,” and as we grow, those same people begin limiting our beliefs in what we can do and who we can be. Rather than cultivating our strengths, they begin passing us through the assembly line of safety nets and realistic perspectives. They begin telling us to “take the safe route… get a government job. Become a teacher,” ignoring the fact that even as a government worker or as a teacher, you are likely struggling just to get by. In our world, where inflation rapidly and consistently exceeds typical wages, we push people into safety nets that kill us slowly… ever heard of the frog in boiling water analogy (I’ll come back to it)?

When you think about every person who has defied the odds and excelled beyond normal to live exceptionally happy lives, you must understand that they have a strategy, too. We think, “work hard…” is their strategy, and in some ways it is, but most successful people will explain that primarily, it’s a mind over matter feat. Success, manifestation, and exceptional existence is not solely in the physical realm. The physical realm is actually, primarily, a reflection of the internal landscape. When you imagine that successful people work hard, that hard work is in a place where you may or may not be able to visually observe.

I remember an old roommate once saying to me, “you just seem to have it so easy. Everything you want just comes to you.” As I listened to her, I began to debate her theory; then, I realized, sure… it does seem that way, huh. She never saw me working a 9-5 job. She rarely saw me get stressed or complain about my horrible job because I never worked a traditional 9-5. Hmmmmm… it did seem like everything just came to me, and guess what? It did, and it does, in a serendipitous way, but if you are understanding of the divine laws of the universe, you will understand that it did NOT come easy. It looks easy, sure, but attracting your desires defies the perceived laws of gravity. It is an act of walking to the edge of the cliff and God (universe/source energy) saying, step out. You look over the cliff, and say, “are you serious God? I will die!” and God says, “you will not. I will lay step by step for you… golden steps… and once you have crossed the bridge, I will lay each golden step in a pile for you to use to live a fruitful life.”

No one sees those conversations you have with God. They cannot fathom the inner dialogue or the challenges God has called you to take. When you tell people you will begin walking off of that cliff, everyone thinks you are insane. They urge you not to. They warn that you will die, immediately. “How could you commit suicide in front of us? Why do you think the voice you hear is God? You cannot walk off of a cliff when there is nothing to catch you.” And you say, “God will catch me. God has instructed me to do this in this specific way.” And surely, as s/he has said to you, “trust in me… I promise I will provide beyond your human perceptions,” s/he does.

And as you step and golden platforms are laid before your foot hits them, people only see what they see… and they say, “oh, she’s so lucky. She doesn’t have to do anything and there are golden steps laid out in front of her. Life is so easy for her…” huh?! I’m risking my life for this… no, friends, it is NOT easy. It’s the most frightening experience ever.

As an entrepreneur, I have bad, bad months. I mean, I have months where I do not have a clue how I will pay my bills. I have months where I have to call my mom, asking her to loan me money. One time, I was down to my last, and if I didn’t pay my rent by 5pm, I would incur late fees and be SOL! I have never been late on my rent and didn’t want to start now. I knew I would be short that month; yet, instead of going out and getting jobs in a panic, I lay in bed, on my back, wondering how… a whole two weeks… for hours at a time, I would just lay in bed wondering if I was making a mistake, asking God how I was going to get the money.

My rent was due on a Friday. On Thursday, laying in bed, imagining how I would tell my mother I was a failure, how I would face my roommate, how I would face myself, I got an idea. It shot through my body. I jumped up out of the bed and did exactly what my body told me to do… God said, “check this website for updates.” I checked it and lo and behold, an opportunity for my clients had opened up. I heard three names in my spirit. God instructed me to call those three people to inform them of this opportunity and to inform them of the urgency of doing the thing, NOW! I did as told.

Friday arrived. Still, I lay in bed, watching the clock, counting down the moments to which I would fold and have to face my failures… 4:55… 56… 57… 58… at 5:02pm one of my clients asked for my PayPal information. He wanted to pay the retainer fee. BOOM! My whole salary for the month was secured 2 minutes past the final hour. The next morning, the second client asked for my Zelle information… monthly salary secured for the next month. That following Monday, the third client asked for my banking information, salary secured for the third month! And like that, I was three months ahead, 2 minutes past the moment I thought my life would be in shambles.

This is a miracle, my friends… but this is the story of my faith driven life. If we ever have a personal conversation, I can share hundreds of these stories with you about my experiences in faith, but the art of this manifestation ability lies in the opposite of everything you have been told about success.

As mentioned, if you ask successful creators, shape shifters, and gravitational organizers (exceptionally successful people), they willingly share all of their secrets. The difference is that they trust themselves (the God within them) enough to pursue each instruction God gives them, without question and without the need for human validation. They don’t care that they seem obsessed. They don’t care that they may seem delusional. They are committed to their relationship with faith. The key to this is tapping into your purpose and tuning out what the world around you has to say about it.

Manifestation is scary because it is truly playing with your livelihood. You could lose everything, but you can also gain the ability to change the world. It is a gamble. I can, and will, tell you all the strategies I use to manifest, but the truth of all of it is right in your spirit. We are just so used to distracting ourselves with friends, romance, drama, tv, social media, and news, that we drown out the voice of our inner spirit. My strategies may or may not work for you. I was raised by a faith driven family, led by my mother with the support of my father, who ingrained in me, from the time of birth, that anything is possible and is completely dependent on your mindset. Because of this, I have an advantage that this is my natural inclination. So, as I write my strategies, please listen to how your body responds and what you feel. Your magical ability to manifest will rely solely on tapping into the strategies you develop, through feeling God-energy in you, to bring your visions into fruition.

Manifestation Hacks

Eliminate influences

When we are sifting through ideas, we tend to be communal in seeking support and advice. Sure, okay, maybe that’s cool… I guess, but you already know exactly what you are supposed to do. Sit still for a second. Feel into your body right now. I will ask you this, what is your purpose? What are you supposed to be doing in life?

I have a friend, Fabian, who is always after his heart’s desire. This man is an anomaly (as are most of my friends)... one day, he is graduating with a doctorate in pharmacy… the next he is getting certifications to become a business analyst… then partnering with friends to create clothing lines and trucking companies and buying up investment properties. Now, in human terms, this seems spastic, right? We have been taught you’re supposed to pick one path and follow it, but this is where manifestation hacks come into play. Success, in spiritual realms, defies gravity (I will keep saying this). Influences may attempt to reel him into some “realistic” path, but success is not realistic, so you cannot have a realistic trajectory.

If you ask Fabian what his purpose is, he will tell you, “I am here to help, to serve on a grand level. Not just the people around me. I’m supposed to make big, community wide changes. I don’t know how or what, but I know God wants to use me, so I am positioning myself to be used.”

When I asked you what your purpose was, you may have thought you should have a clearly defined answer, right? We have been taught that we should say something like, “I’m supposed to be a lawyer. I am supposed to be a doctor.” Well, sure… those are titles, but your purpose usually involves feelings and how you should make others feel. So, I will ask you again. Close your eyes, be still. What is your purpose?

If you are quiet and feel… a feeling has rushed into your body, an energy surge. You may not have words, but you saw something… you felt something. You know exactly what you are supposed to be doing.

If you share this purpose prematurely, 90% of people will try to talk you out of this truth or will convince you it’s not realistic. If you take this idea and turn on the TV or hop onto social media, your perspective will start shifting and you may talk yourself out of it. Because of this, when you are manifesting, I recommend getting OUT of influence. Get quiet, a day, a week, a month… turn off your cell phones, tv, emails, social media accounts, and sit with your feelings. Let spirit influence you. Do not share this with others. Become clear in your vision or feeling and then…

Be flexible

Once you have the purpose and feeling, and once you’ve eliminated distractions, source energy (God) will begin sending you messages. You will see Angel numbers (repeating numbers: 444, 111, 12:12, 10:10, 7:11). You will start seeing animals attempting to connect with you. You will have dreams, vivid dreams. People will come up to you and say words that have been on repeat in your mind. You’ll come across books or text in weird places that show you words. And you will start feeling a connection with the path or vision God is putting on your heart.

People will start aligning with your inner thoughts and feelings, positioning you to follow a certain path. You must be open to following whatever path you are feeling is for you. In that, you must be open to explore, but it must be aligned. When I asked you your purpose, you felt it, and maybe it was aligned with becoming a baker. Now, you will begin attracting things aligned with baking, but you may be asked to fry some chicken for a party of 70. You hate frying. Your spirit does not want to fry. Do not force yourself to fry… because that is not aligned with the vision God gave you. Doing something contradictory to your vision will bring resentful energy and will stifle your ability to manifest.

Trust the Process

It may not make sense… sorry… it will not make sense in the now… it will later. Do not bend. You will be shaken, but you will not be moved (a mantra I repeat to myself in unclear times). Stay the course. Stand your ground, and feel that help is on the way. Notice that I say feel a lot. All this pop positive psychology stuff talks about only focusing on the positive and saying mantras, but it’s difficult to do that if you do not feel it’s true. Your body can detect lies that you tell yourself, and trust me, it keeps count.

The true defining experiences come with feeling it in your bones. If you don’t get it now, you will at some point. God cannot be seen. People can talk to you about Her/Him, but God can only be experienced, truly experienced, in your soul… in your body. So, in all things, trust the Lord… in all things, trust the Lord within your body. Move into your body…

Curate an Environment that Supports your Journey

Get rid of toxic people right NOW! You have people in your life that you don’t even realize are toxic… and you probably talk to them everyday. They complain about everything. They want to give advice on everything (and they are in no position to). They criticize you or make you feel that you aren’t doing enough in your life. They become disinterested when you share a positive experience. They attract crazy experiences and need you to sort through their drama with them… let me repeat… they need you to stop what you’re doing to tend to their drama!

Or, they try to squeeze the juicy, dramatic details from you, urging you to complain about your life. “Tell me about all the craziness at your job!” they say, or “girl, tell me about your dating life…” and they wait for you to complain. Honey, seeing the bad in everything is going to get you poor results. Get away from these Debbie Downer people! The people you spend your time with become you.

Too often, we share energy with negative people and things and negative energy overpowers positive energy. A book I read quoted that it takes six positive thoughts to reverse the impact of one negative thought!

Shield yourself! Get off of the news. It’s not benefitting you right now. It’s depressing and will put you in a state of fear. You will get wrapped up in all the things you cannot control, and your motivation will begin to drop. Get off of social media. It’s influencing and will distract your attention, clouding your ability to be creative and innovative. Take some time to stop talking to people who lack a positive, progressive inclination… their energy, conversations, fears, and desires will affect you.

Now, as I often share, I am writing a book about self-actualizing, so I cannot give you all my juice! Stay tuned for snippets… in the meanwhile, if you need help on your journey, I offer Life Design and Mindset Training Coaching. Email me at for quotes and scheduling.

And the frog analogy…

If you want to boil a frog, you cannot put him into boiling water. Realizing his dire situation, this will cause him to jump out, immediately. However, if you put him into room temperature water and slowly, incrementally, increase the heat, he will not move, imagining himself to be adapting, he will die a slow, mediocre death. Similarly, just because you are able to coast in life with your mediocre job and mediocre friends and love affairs, does not mean you are not dying. You have a calling on your spirit, and sitting without acting on it will kill you slowly. Sure, we all die… but do you want to be dying whilst living? I think the f*-k not! Go live my friends!!! I would love to help you break the mold, undo unfulfilling life experiences, and help you manifest your happiest life! Let's get in touch!

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Your article of insight is very uplifting. The wisdom displayed in your article brings into focus those people who have followed their dreams like Terry McMilliam and others, as yourself, who help us to live a happy life outside of the box. I look forward to setting up a coaching session with you in designing my happy life

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