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Empowering Fathers and Enriching Families

A Weekly Virtual Workshop Series

Presented by 

Howard County Department of Social Services in Partnership with S. Jones Books and Education

Often times, fathers feel alone and uncertain of their role in creating nourishing family dynamics. Many men lack proper support systems to discuss the challenges they face and find it difficult to access financial, economic, psychological, and emotional resources needed to feel confident in their ability to father.

Howard County Department of Social Services (HCDSS) has partnered with S. Jones Books and Education (SJBE) to provide a wraparound program that supports fathers in connecting and constructing the tenets of how they want to be as healthy fathers.

This workshop series involves weekly, virtual workshops on Tuesdays, beginning May 10th - June 28th from 6:30-8pm. Participant orientation will be hosted on Tuesday, May 3rd from 6:30-8pm EST. Participants meet with other fathers to learn, explore, develop, and discuss healthy parenting practices with the guidance of an instructor. Additional father/child(ren) in-person workshops, hosted by community leaders, will be held for fathers to explore lifeskills such as financial literacy, healthy communication, relationships, and emotional expression, and much more, with their child(ren). Ten fathers will also receive one-on-one counseling sessions with our licensed practitioner.

Fathers are thoroughly supported by SJBE's care team to connect them to additional resources. Click here to register

The virtual weekly workshops are led by Byron S. Crockett, M.Div. and one-on-one counseling sessions are provided by Alexia N. Smith, MS, LGPC, CPT


Father and Son



Raised in Tallahassee FL, Byron S. Crockett, M.Div, obtained a bachelors degree from Oakwood University and later, his Masters of Divinity from Andrews University in 2011. Pastor Cockett is an associate pastor and chaplain candidate. He prides himself in connecting with men and fathers to help them cultivate a sense of pride, resilience, balance, and emotional wellbeing. He expounds on this mission by supporting various men's wellness groups and investing in the communities he is a member of. Pastor Crockett is a loving, devoted husband and father of 2 boys.



Alexia N. Smith, MS, LGPC, CTP, a native of Atlanta, GA, is a licensed general counselor in the state of Maryland, and an emotional and mental wellness coach. Employing her six-pillar framework, Smith is skilled at helping clients gain a compassionate awareness of where they are today and where they want to be as individuals and parents. Alexia holds a Masters in Clinical Mental Health/Pastoral Counseling from Loyola University Maryland, and a Bachelors in Psychology from Georgia State University. She specializes in treating anxiety, grief and trauma, and prides herself in honoring the unique emotional, mental, and spiritual strengths clients bring to the table as a catalyst for growth and healing.

Weekly Classes

EFEF classes address the following standards:

o   Exploring the impact of the relationship between non-attached parental units/guardians and how their parenting relationships affect the development of their children

o   Understanding the impact of a father’s wellbeing on the child’s development and their ability to form healthy relationships and responses in the future

o   Exploring the effects of the father’s relationships with others on his relationship with his children and co-parent

o   Understanding the importance of spending time with his child and creating quality experiences that promote his child’s overall wellbeing

o   Exploring the importance of healthy decision making, comprehension, and reasoning skills

o   Understanding the generational influence of maladaptive behavior on parenting styles and how fathers can choose to employ new strategies to change the familial bonds and culture

o   Teaching the importance of affection, nurturing, and emotional engagement with children

o   Teaching the tenets of positive psychology to facilitate healthy mental development of children

o   Understanding the importance and intentionality of the use of words and positive communication styles between fathers and children

o   Developing positive character, morals, and values and instilling them into their children

o   Protecting and providing for their children and teaching the ability to locate resources to do so

o   Understanding healthy and effective disciplinary techniques

o   Teaching parental accountability

o   Enforcing healthy boundaries with co-parent

o   Understanding the importance of time management and personal commitments


One- on - One Counseling

10 fathers will be supported through one-on-one counseling. Priority will be given to fathers referred through Howard County Department of Social Services.

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