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Grant Writing Raffle!
Grant Raffle Ticket: $250.00

Grant Writing Raffle.png

Many grant seekers have difficulty finding or committing to a grant writer because of the extraordinary costs associated with the grant writing process. In efforts to make grant writing more accessible to small businesses and non-profit organizations, SJBE is offering a raffle to give one business $3,500.00 worth of free writing services and to give each raffle ticket holder strategic funding consulting to increase their likelihood of winning grant awards. Through our consulting sessions, clients are educated about the grant application process and are given tools, resources, and strategies to prepare for the journey of winning grant awards.


Each raffle ticket holder will receive two virtual consulting sessions, a database of up to 20 grants his/her business qualifies for along with application deadlines and requirements, and a strategic positioning report, which helps to position each client as an attractive grant award candidate.

Many grant seekers don't win grant awards because they are not properly positioned or prepared for the application process. We recommend preparing for the application process about 3-6 months BEFORE beginning the journey of applying.


SJBE wants to work with you to ensure that you have a high likelihood of actually winning the awards you apply for. Before you hire a grant writer, you should work with a grants consultant! With your raffle ticket purchase, you will have the opportunity to do just that and a chance to win $3,500.00 worth of writing services for FREE!


S. Jones Books and Education is a niche, wraparound grants and strategic development consulting company founded in 2013. We support small businesses and non-profit organizations in strategic planning, partnerships, funding, and positioning, as well as instructional and programming design! We have won an average of $1-3 million a year, cumulatively, for a variety of small businesses and non-profit organizations.

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